Making responding to (long) messages better.


Side-by-Side Authoring

Write your response to a message without the annoyance of having to switch to another app and back again. See your message and response side-by-side for easy line-by-line answering. You’ll never forget a part of a friend or client’s email again!

Different Recipients

As of version 1.1, you can now keep track of message-response pairs to different people.


I can’t use the return key to add newlines.

I think I fixed it. File an issue?

How do I add a new recipient?

Click on the pop-up button next to “Names”.
Select “New…”, enter the new name and begin.
Remember to save!

I’d like to take a look at the changelog.

It’s right here!

My question isn’t here and I need help!

No problemo. File an issue and I’ll get back to you!


The application window:

What it looks like.

Selecting a new recipient:

Selecting a new Recipient


Do it.